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Print from:
l Machines
l Weigh Scales
l Laboratory Equipment
l Alarm Systems
l Medical Equipment
l Telephone PBX logs
l DOS or UNIX Systems
l Windows Generic Text
l Legacy MiniComputers:
    - Digital Equipment, DG
    - Prime, IBM, McDonnell Douglas
    - NCR,  MAI, Unisys
The Print Redirector system allows you to print directly from a parallel text print cable into a Word .doc in real time.  The Word screen acts like
paper which scrolls up as it is being printed.  It's purpose is to retire printer hardcopy that is redundant on some systems.   Instead, view and manage the print data on a PC and even further into the network realm. 

Print Redirector suits the smallest equipment setup, such as for example: Laboratory equipment using a miniature desktop matrix printer.  Print directly to the Word screen instead.  View it, save it to a folder and even print it later from the Windows system.
Use to archive print reports.  Quickly transfer reports into the PC without wasting time printing and transcribing the report.

The virtual printing feature also has the obvious positive environmental factor of conserving paper as well as eliminating printer costs of ownership
o No license required.
o Plug-in quickly without any settings.
o Print thousands of pages to a single Word™ document.
  For parallel printer cables printing text data.       Use Word document as your printing paper.
Print Redirector types text data quickly into the Word document.  You have the freedom of using all the Word features to display the data: paper size, font selection, landscape orientation, margins, and color.     Even lineprinter reports may be displayed as 132 columns wide with monospaced lineprinter style font.    Print Redirector types into Word document much faster than printing.  Scroll up and down to quicky view the whole report.  Even use "Word > Edit > Find"  to locate information in the report.
Model Print Redirector Kit                  Price: $245.00 USD
Kit Includes:
1. Interconnect Cable Part# CS-C
2. Software: PRINTVIEW
3. Wallmount 9 Volt Power Supply
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