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MiniTemp Temperature Logger

$30 Digital Logger  MiniTemp

So simple, almost anyone
can use it.

For Applications In:
Greenhouses and Orchards

Computer Servers, and Computer Equipment
Heating & Refrigeration
Zoos, Farms, Pets

Scientific and Educational
Weather Studies
Municipal Compost Monitoring

Here are 4 ways to operate this incredible temperature logger:

Windows Based System:
Model DT
Program the MiniTemp using a PC.
Put the button where you want, eg. shipping containers.
View the results, print a graph, or save to Excel.

Model DT Kit: $116.00 U.S. More Info

Model PT
For wide usage by anyone.
Uses a unique "push button box".
Program or print out the logging results without a computer.
Makes a time stamped certificate of temperature history.

Model PT Kit: $189.00 U.S. More Info

View Data Remotely From A Cable Or Network:
Model DR

Install in coolers, greenhouse, NHL ice temperature, etc.
Auto polls logger and saves in a Windows file.
Logging is not affected by power failures.

File can be read remotely from your network / internet system.
Logger can sense on/off states of motors, fans, lamps, etc.

Model DR Kit: $149.00 U.S. More Info

Palm Handheld System:
Model PK
Collect temperature data from field locations.
Tiny, lightweight, and inexpensive system.
View data in strip chart plotted form.
Read data from loggers that are rivetted to surfaces
Transfer data to PC for spreadsheet use and printouts.

Model PK Kit: $136.00 U.S.  More Info