PDF Automator is a hardware/software package that is used to create a PDF from the parallel printer port of measuring instruments, machines, or legacy PC's. This system eliminates certain dotmatrix, inkjet, and laser printers. This printer interface system automatically makes a pdf from the pure text or PCL3, 4, 5 data on your parallel print cable.
The PDF Automator automates the processes of:
1. Capturing the print data 2. Making a .pdf 3. Saving the .pdf to a folder 4. Displaying the .pdf 5. Creating a new .pdf filename based on date/time automatically for next capture.

Checklist to qualify the use of PDF Automator Wired:
Print Cable Interface: LPT Parallel
Type of application:

PDF is made after a user settable pause in data, (e.g. 2 to 60 seconds) Do not send more
print data until the PDF creation is finished (about 5-10 sec.).

Type of host equipment: Machines, Instruments, Alarm systems, Lab equipment, measuring devices, e.g. weigh scales.
Type of print data: Plain generic text (78 columns max) or PCL3, 4, 5 emulation (used in some ink jet or laser printers).
Distance: The maximum range of PDF Automator output is 12 foot cable.
Type of host operating system: DOS, DOS, UNIX, LINUX, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Microprocessor in machine, etc.
Capture PC XP, XP Professional, Win 7, Win 7 64 Bit Professional, Win 10
Wired Versus Bluetooth version Wired version Part# PD-WIRED is simpler as no Bluetooth management is required. Choose PD-WIRED
if 12 foot maximum cable length is suitable. Also, PD-WIRED is less expensive.

Complicated graphics print pages including color are easily made into a PDF.
PCL Print Data Enlarge Plain Generic ASCII Text Data Enlarge PCL Print Data Enlarge    
The PDF Automator suits those type of applications where each single report is spaced at least 10 seconds between the next report.
   This is because the PDF creation is triggered by a pause in data, denoting the end of a print report. For example if an alarm system
   outputs seven alarms per day then the PDF Automator will log seven pdf's to a folder instead of a single pdf of the days alarms.
   - New print data must not arrive until the PDF creation is complete (approx. 10 seconds).
   - The data pause time amount to trigger PDF creation is user settable from 2 to 120 sec.
  PDF files are created in chronological order to match print report sample order.
   The control panel screen allow you to add a suffix if necessary to help ID the    
   report file name. e.g. "acidtest", see below:
The pdf destination path is set by the user. The path may be up to 100 characters in length.
Users may consider UNC paths to network resources. At least one user has automatically
saved pdf file output to the cloud this way.

Youtube Video Demonstration

New:Youtube Video Demonstration: 2nd Generation Software PDFAutomator2 (included in PD-WIRED kit)

No licensing is required.

Purchasing details: PD-WIRED.

Version    that allows printer to keep printing like normal: PD5 Kit
Version for Serial Print cable. 


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