Model PDXS25-E
An open hardware system to collect LPT parallel print data remotely.

Model PDXS25-E is a two piece assembly that will record parallel print data from a parallel LPT print cable
onto SD Memory Card. The memory card data can later be streamed to a remote serial interface location or
a network location.To collect the memory card data, the user issues simple commands over the serial or
etwork interface to stream the data out. As this is a plain open system offering, no software is supplied.

The user may apply any level of software sophistication to suit the need. Example: Windows HyperTerminal
or both RS232 serial or network connection, Tera Term terminal emulator, or a users custom developed software
to communicate with the Model PDXS25-E. A user may wish to develop software to automate the collection and
process the data for a database.