Update: July,  2023

PRINT TO EMAIL A STAND ALONE DEVICE Log to USB Flash Drive and collect log data remotely by email.
Model RJ
This is a simple stand alone device that accepts print data from a print cable, then sends the data to one or more email recipients. This can be used to replace a legacy dot matrix printer attached to machines, measuring instruments, or industrial alarm panels. Emails are sent automatically and immediately. This design is meant for unattended 24 hour operation. Logging Feature: A USB Drive also keeps a log file that is constantly appended with new print data received, keeping a total history of print data until
the file is erased. This feature can serve in a backup plan to retrieve data in
case email data is lost for any reason. This log file can also be attached to
the email sent.

Audit Trail: An additional file on the USB Drive keeps a history of emails sent. It
shows email recipients transmission successes and failures with the mailing date/time, so that integrity checks can be made.


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Example config.txt

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  In addition to sending emails, all print
data is logged. The emailing function
can be turned off so that just logging

Some criteria to use Model RJ Print-to-Email:
- You wish to replace a dot matrix printer that prints plain generic text characters. No graphics, rich text, or font changes should exist.
- Your print cable uses an RS232 Serial Interface. For parallel interface cable add Model CS-ZN adapter, or Model PT8 (Pass-Thru to Parallel Printer)..
- An ethernet RJ45 cable connected to a local network must be available.
- Maximum size of outgoing email (with attachment) is limited by recipients email account, e.g. 20 MB. E.g. 15,000,000 print characters can be emailed.
- A common USB flash drive must be installed. E.g. 2GB, 64GB, etc.
- The Model RJ Emailer waits until the printing is finished before sending the email. A print data idle period determines the end of the print report.

- The Model RJ Emailer can be set to send an email of the log when it receives a request from an incoming email. This allows the user to collect log
data whenever it is convenient (e.g. once a day). This gives the user the opportunity to automate the data collection.

Additional Splitter Accessory:

Adding a splitter allows both a hardcopy product and
an email product of the print data.

Provides additional capture insurance.

Retire the printer anytime just by disconnecting it.


Two products are output



For Parallel Interface printers:
The Model RJ can be front-ended with Model PT8. This will allow a parallel interface printer to continue operating, as well as feeding
data to the Model RJ "Print to Email" unit.

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