Memory Card RS232 Serial Data Recorder / Logger


Model TG records without any need for flow control signals such as RTS / CTS
This means tapping into existing equipment cables is mainly a simple plug-in procedure.

Because the recorder is dual channel it will pick up the TX or RX information you need without having to rewire pins.
The dual channel feature allows dialog between equipment to be recorded when the equipment talks one at a time.
Plug in T-Tap and record all kinds of data directly to popular and inexpensive memory cards.
Capture data going to and from: 
Laboratory equipment Medical devices Machinery Sensors Modems PC's Printers Weigh scales
Weather equipment Point Of Sale Terminals
High Resolution NMEA GPS The data may be any 7/8 bit format: ASCII Text, Binary, photos, graphics, printer emulations: ESC-POS, PCL, EPSON, OKIDATA. - Data will store "as is" without any conversions with a memory card file name as RECORD.TXT If you are capturing plain ASCII Text data, then many kinds of recordings can be viewed perfectly or satisfactory with MS Notepad, Word or Excel.
If your data is not plain text data, then various software converters can be considered through internet search. Example: EPSON to .pdf
Price: $345.00USD       Includes everything you need to begin recording immediately from an RS232 cable:
 Model TG Recorder     Memory Card     T-TAP (choose DB9 or DB25)

Small Version:   Model RX
     $189.00 USD

Same features as Model TG above,

Smaller size
No timestamp feature
Lower price

Do you require a parallel version
for printer interface?                  

Please consider Model PDX-R

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