To be announced in the next months:
                                                                     Model SV

A minimal system used to display instrument report data while also recording to a file.
No PC is required, making this a simple "stand alone" system.
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Typical uses: - Collecting data from machines and instruments.
- Replace dot matrix printers.
- Backing up measurement data to a file. - Providing visual feedback of equipment operation. - Acts as a real time alert for alarm systems.
- Signage function as user may send text through long serial cable. - Serial input accepts WiFi and Ethernet adapters for remote data sources. Features:
- The monitor shows the user the progress of measuring equipment data reports. - Display 25 rows of 80 columns. - All data is appended to SD Card record.txt - Store weeks/months/years of data onto a single SD Card. - Choose from all sorts of monitor sizes to display small or large characters. - Most large screen televisions are also compatible, -for reports readable at a distance. - Simple connection and no operator attention is required. - No PC is required. Price: $345.00 USD Photologic Ltd. July 25, 2023 Back