This system allows the user to randomly collect temperature logs of concrete onsite using a select Android phone or tablet throughout the concrete maturity process.

Photologic Ltd. manufactures a bluetooth interface adapter device, Model TA-C for iButton:

The user moves the Model TA-C to each logger cable connector where the temperature log is collected by an Android device. The user is able to confirm successful
collection of the log immediately, viewable as a strip chart or list of readings. The data available to the user is a file containing a list of raw date/time stamped
temperature readings from the iButton logger 2,048 sample memory. The data can be used in a spreadsheet. No interpretation software is provided. No licensing is


An iButton System:

Temperature logger button:


Logger with example cable
Model TA-C Bluetooth transmitter
Android phone or tablet
Plot or list the readings
Transfer to PC
Embed iButton based logger end in poured concrete. The user may make this cable rugged or order it pre-made. Modular connector style RJ11 is shown.
Connect to logger cable to transmit data to Android device. Move it with Android device to visit multiple loggers separately.
Receives data by Bluetooth using Photologic Ltd. Android app. Various select models of Android are compatible. Phone function/activation is not required.
View logger anytime and as frequently as required. Confirm data collection on site. Save hundreds of logs to Android memory.
Various methods exist such as USB cable, email or cloud file applications.
The files are opened with a browser, then copied as text to your spreadsheet or wordprocessor.

The user may already have established methods for using temperature buttons. This system focuses on increasing the data collection efficiency.
- The cabling can be made to connect quickly. Android devices are popular and inexpensive.
-.The data collected is plain columnar text in html format that requires no special software or license to access. Open in browser and copy as text.
- The Android application can be used with phones and tablets that are already owned by the user.





Benefits of this system:

1. Mobile portability.
As this system uses an Android phone or tablet, the mobile portability is understood.

2. Low Cost
The Android device is low cost, non-specialized equipment that offers superior display of data logs and high capacity data storage.
The user may already be using a phone.

3. Recording Assurance
The user can see proof on-site that the temperature data has been collected correctly. View the strip chart plot, or list of individual
temperature readings to confirm success of the mission. Log files in Android memory are easily confirmed.

3. Collect hundreds of logs
Easily manage large quantities of logs. Identification of loggers use globally unique serial numbers as well as user friendly names
chosen by the user. Recall and view any log with detail using list of readings or strip chart plot.

4. Transfer logs to PC
USB cable connection to PC makes the Android device look like a disk drive to the PC. Also emerging technologies of
email apps or cloud drop off are trending to provide other methods of data transfer to PC.

5. iButton Thermochron is established
The temperature logger iButton Thermochron by Dallas/Maxim Corporportaion is already an established method to record curing temperature
of concrete. Papers and reports describe the use of the iButton for producing maturity reports,
e.g. Transtec Group Report DOT/FAA-01-G-002-4
e.g. Dallas/Maxim DS9108




Photologic Ltd. offers just the key component:   Model TA-C Bluetooth Transmitter with Android application software.
  The user supplies:
                            - The Dallas iButton temperature logger and cabling.
                            - An Android Device such as a phone or tablet, e.g. Samsung Galaxy4 7inch display 
Try Android App:
As new Android devices are emerging frequently, there is a wide variation in Android features such as screen resolution, and memory support.
The Photologic Ltd. application software for the Android may have to be tested for scaling of the display before ordering.
Our latest app revision, that you may try, has a demo mode: You may visit http://www.photologic.ca/hutab5.apk using the Android device. That will download the TA-C application on the
Android device. Click on it to install. If the app screen buttons look OK and useable then Model TA-C can be ordered. Price: Model TA-C $259.00 USD More Description: see variant Model TA

In this system Photologic Ltd. supplies the Model TA-C Bluetooth transmitter with Android application software. This gets the raw temperature log from the iButton cable embedded in the concrete and puts it into the Android device memory where the user can further use the data, e.g. transfer
it to a PC by various methods. Also the user can collect or check the curing temperature progress on site at any time with the strip chart display.


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