Model TS Text Streamer as Android Bluetooth Terminal

     Serial Data Interface or Parallel Printer Interface
Plain generic text data Eliminate dot matrix printers or PC Terminals
Bluetooth to Android Tablet or Phone
Allows Android device to become a: - Data recorder. - Mini Display Terminal - File sharing data opportunity via network

Model TS Text streamer is used to transmit text type data from equipment serial or parallel ports to an Android device where it can be displayed and logged.

Use an Android device as a substitute for a report printer.  
You can use it to replace a dot matrix printer or to capture serial/parallel data from measuring  instruments and machines. 
It uses a Bluetooth interface that can communicate up to 100 feet. The user may display and log the data continuously 24 hrs a day.

TS-P Centronics 36 Pin Receptacle Accepts LPT Printer parallel cable
TS-S25 DB25 Female Receptacle Accepts Serial Printer cable
TS-S9 DB9 Female Receptacle Will mate with PC COMM Port
Other uses for Model TS Text Streamer:
This device can act like an RS232 serial logger. A small prepaid Android cell phone priced at about $75 does not have to be phone activated. The phone would make an excellent small recording device that can be either battery operated or wall mount power supply operated. The user would have the advantage of the logging being made remotely, and being able to see the serial data on the cell phone display. Seeing the data logged being displayed on the screen provides valuable user feedback that the project is working.

The Model TS serial interface can be used to remotely monitor a sensor's data. A constant stream of temperature readings from a temperature to RS-232 serial converter can be recorded and viewed at a distance through a wall or container. Such sensors may include pressure, humidity, light, vibration or voltage. A version of Model TS allows the user to count open-close contacts and log/display the value in real time from a tablet or phone. Sensor examples are shown at: Peripheral Sensors for Android

Example of an Android tablet screen display showing alarm printer text:

For sharing the captured data file on the network:
Once you have the data recorded in the Android memory, then opportunities exist to be able to share that data through the network. As the Android device world grows, more and more file sharing apps are developed.
The following is just one example found by Google search: Network accessing the captured file in Android device.

TS-P User Guide
Model TS-P YouTube Demo
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