Model PT8
For Capturing Parallel LPT Print Cable Data

- Keep printing normally
- Capture print data at PC USB Port

Capture print reports from measuring instruments, scientific equipment, machines, MS DOS PC's, Alarm systems.

Use Model PT8 when you wish to capture the print cable data to a PC but still allow the printer to continue printing normally.
This may be required for good laboratory practice where electronic records must be kept. Or perhaps the user is phasing out
a dot matrix printer and needs both hardcopy and an electronic record until the printer is fully retired. The Model PT8 will then
serve as a dot matrix printer alternative.

Example system:

The PC acts as a dot matrix printer alternative. Alternatively, the serial output of the Model PT8 can be attached to a Serial-Ethernet adapter (device server) or
a WiFi adapter which will allow network access to the print cable data. The connection to the adapter is made with a combination of a simple and
inexpensive gender changer/Nul Modem adapter. Example ethernet adapter: Lantronix device server and WiFi adapters.


To eliminate the printer: Unplug the printer LPT cable. Capture to PC like normal.
If Extension Cable is disconnected: The printer keeps printing. This insures demanded printer up-time.
No settings are required Just connect the cables. Serial port operates at 9600 Baud, 8, N, 1
Model PT8 is 8 bits transparent: No filters are used. All kinds of data can be logged.
Extension Cable: (optional 9.8 Ft.) 40 Ft Max. "Straight Thru" to PC COMM Port or USB Com Port Adapter
USB Adapter Optionally supplied (Example model: CHIPI-X)
Power Supply Common style. 9VDC, 200ma Minimum.
Heartbeat LED indicators Bright LED's viewable at a distance gives the user confidence that unit is operating.
Serial Output Port to Network Port also connects to Ethernet and WiFi Adapters using gender changers, and NUL Modem adapters.

                  Parallel Print Cable Input
                  Parallel LPT Output
             Serial Output
Straight-Thru Cable to PC

Tera Term terminal emulator software is supplied, but other softwares can also be used.
  Example MS HyperTerminal, PuTTY.   Example List

About Tera Term Software

This is popular terminal emulator software that is well supported and robust.
It will allow you to display your print data in real time 24/7.
Not only does it display the print data, but it also makes a log file to a folder
of your choice.
Change text and background colors to suit your need. Make the display fill
your screen to dedicate the the PC as printer replacement.
Tera Term app can be set to open up ready to receive and record your print data. Also, you can make Tera Term open automatically after the PC is powered on. This means that your PC will begin displaying and logging data after a power outage.
A copy of Tera Term is supplied with Model PT8 Alternative terminal emulator softwares also can be used with Model PT8

Some dot matrix printers or laser printers in your system may include: Panasonic, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, Okidata, C.Itoh, Tally-Genicom, Printronix.

Example application

YouTube Demo

Other printer alternatives:

Model CS-ZN2 Print text type data from print cable to PC screen
Model TS Print text type data from print cable to Android screen Checklist before ordering: - Print cable is LPT parallel (36 pin plug connector).
- Print data on print cable is plain generic ASCII text (no graphics or rich text or escape sequences).

Model PT8-Filter Version only for Dynamitron Electron Beam Accelerator

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