Model TD Serial Data Logger has extra special features which will help make your recording project a success.

    Binary and ASCII Recording
Allows you to record any kind of data using 8 bits, e.g graphics, escape codes, print emulations, plain text or even photos.
    Power Outage "Save"
Helps prevent a catastrophe if your data is lost because the outage leaves the log file unclosed. In that case you will be unable to open or use your log file because of a Windows file error. Power Outage Save is a special circuit that increases reliability.
    Auto File Close
Helps prote
ct your valuable data by not leaving the log file open when not receiving data. There is no pushbutton required to close the file like other loggers.
  RS232, RS485, 5V TTL or 3.3V Data Interface
External RS485, RS422 and TTL level converters are not required. This makes the recorder installation neat and simple.

  Built In NUL Connector
Saves using external NUL Modem cables to reverse data pin wiring. This makes a quick and neat installation.


  Dual DB9 Connector
Male and Female connectors saves using external gender changers and also allows for inline recording.
   This serial RS-232 logger is also called a serial data recorder. It uses a USB/SD Card Reader or choice USB Flash Drive (also called Thumb Drive, Jump Drive, or Stick drive) to log
   continuously 24 hours a day, for weeks or months of recording. You will be able to easily and neatly connect this logger to your system as it accepts either male or female
   serial connector, and it also has a built in NUL Modem setting that saves you from adding a NUL Modem adapter to reverse the data Pins 2-3.
   As this recorder has two connectors, you can install it inline with equipment to record data in the background, e.g. record weigh scale data in the background
   going to a PC or printer. Only two wires are required for recording: 1. Data   and  2. Ground,  - so it is easy to install and does not interfere or compete with
existing equipment RTS/CTS flow control handshaking. - No software is required - No licences are involved.
Use with:
Machines Measuring Instruments Print Cables Alarm Systems Sensors Modems Embedded Microcomputers.
  Extra features help protect your precious data    
  If you are considering a logger/recorder device to backup measurement data for quality control records or to eliminate a printer then please consider this extra featured logger. It is meant to be used where stronger features are needed to support reliability. You will not want your logger project to fail, losing days, weeks or more of valuable information.

Thus, this design has added circuitry to help prevent such a loss. It mainly does this by closing the log file when no data is being received. So if the drive is accidently removed or if there is a power failure, or a device failure then the log file structure is already complete and won't be at risk. You will not have lost the data.

Side views showing both male and female connectors

Heavy duty parts are used for increased reliability:




Large size power regulator LM7805 is rugged and has more capacity than required.
Transient Voltage Supressor Diode
adds serial line protection:
MFR Part# P6KE13CA
Settings are instantly readable.  Baud Rate and NUL Modem 
simulator are performed using both jumper straps and switches.
No software or configuation file is required.


Example Print File Captured:

Flash Drive:

Log file is named:
Example of a USB Drive Directory:
Other files and folders may coexist with RECORDER.TXT on the thumb drive.
  Example of data logged in the pen drive file: RECORDER.TXT
Possible Connection Methods:

Female Cable Connector Male Cable Connector

DB25 to DB9 Adapter connects
25 Pin cables


Log data in the background by connecting inline with cables.


Interfaces: RS-232 , Two wire: data and ground.
3.3V-5V TTL for connection to microcontroller pin, Setting inverts data signal polarity.
Interfaces Optional: Model TD-485: RS-422, RS485 (MAX481 or TI 75176 IC is installed in socket). Must be removed for RS-232
Flow Control None required (RTS/CTS signals not required). Recorder only requires Data and Ground pins.
Input Connector: DB9 Male and DB9 Female (to save using gender changer)
Data Pin Input: Selectable with jumper strap for Pin 2 or Pin 3 (to save using NUL Modem Adapter).
Flash Memory Drive:

Use Micro SD Card in USB Reader or use choice USB Flash Drives, (some newer USB Flash Drives are not compatible).
- Choose USB 2.0, USB 3.0
- Choose
1GB to 64GB capacity.
- "Security" USB Flash Drives or certain makes of USB flash drive may not be compatible.
- If source of a compatible USB Flash Drive is unavailable, then use Micro SD Card in USB Reader.

File Created: Single file: RECORDER.TXT , Includes all 8 bit values for recording graphics, print emulations.
Rename file on PC if necessary, eg. .dat, .bin, .xls
File appends after power up.
Power: 9V to 12V DC, 30V DC Max is optional, Current draw: 100ma, Wallmount Adapter supplied.
Settings Method: Dip switches and jumper straps. No software is required.
Baud Rates: 1200, 2400, 9600, 19,200. Others are optional
Data Bits, Parity: 7 or 8 Data Bits, Odd/Even Parity with 7 Data Bits.
Data Format: 8 Bits all values (0 to 256 range), No filtering
Dimesions: W x L x H: 4.4 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches Weight: 200 grams


Log Text Print Data      

Quick Video Demo


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